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Customer Comments

Yu’s is the best Chinese Restaurant in the Chicago area. The quality of the food and the variety of the items offered are exceptional. I know when I come to Yu’s I will have a fabulous experience!

— Elizabeth A. & Paul M.

Classic, authentic Chinese. No friends, this is not MaunWok or Panda Express – Yu’s offers incredible Chinese eats. 5 stars.

— Nicole W., Charlotte, NC

Atmosphere is great, the kitchen is wide open, and their is only glass between you and the cooks. Great place, great memories. I would highly recommend visiting Yu’s!

— Emily E., Dane, WI

Yu’s is our go-to Chinese takeout in the Schaumburg area. It is very tasty and authentic.

— Shanna B., Chicago, IL

Everyone loves Yu’s! And I must admit, I, too, am a fan of the food. Service was actually above average for a Chinese restaurant. They were quick, attentive, and remembered all our requests.

— Sarah S., Schaumburg, IL.

Solid Americanized Chinese food in a clean, spacious place with tasty staples like Honey Walnut Shrimp, General Tso’s Chicken, and Mongolian Beef along with fresh home-made noodle dishes which wasn’t dripping with oil like other places.

— LK P., Bloomingdale, IL

Two family favorites in a row! All the seafood is great here, as they have a nice selection and various preparations. 5 stars!

— April P., Chicago, IL

This place has great food, a fun atmosphere, and quick service.

— Christina G., Chicago, IL

The food is great and so is the staff. A fine dining experience!

— John H., Chicago, IL

I have to say this is one of the best Chinese restaurant I’ve been to in the Chicagoland area. The hand pulled noodles are very, very tasty and fresh. They also have some Korean items on the menu which are also very yummy! We left very full and happy!

— Nancy C., Los Altos, CA

Yu’s is the best Chinese in all of Schaumburg!

— Eric R., IL

The best in its class. Giant restaurant. Always full of people. 5 stars.

— Leo R., Schaumburg, IL

Love it, love it, love it! Yes, it’s as good as it’s getting reviews for 5 stars!

— Arynn I., Kissinmee, Fl

One of the best Chinese food restaurants in the suburbs. The noodle dishes are unbeatable! 5 stars!

— Haley H., Glenview, IL

Yummy, yummy! This place is one of the better Chinese food places I’ve eaten at and I love how you can watch the cooks as they cook/prepare food.

— Monique C., Skokie, IL

This is the beset Chinese restaurant outside of Chinatown! 5 stars.

— Rich A., Gurnee, IL

Yu’s is the best Chinese restaurant I have visited in Chicago and it always appears to be busy. A very nice restaurant with better than average service.

— Don J., Chicago, IL

This is a great Chinese restaurant that has wonderful service. The flavor of the food is what is really great — never ever bland and very unique.

— Jillian I., Chicago, IL

A great family owned Chinese restaurant that serves all the classics and has wonderful service. If you’re craving some good, inexpensive, filling Chinese food, check this place out.

— Jill H., Irvine, CA

Every time I eat at Yu’s, I think to myself, maybe we should move out of the city so we could eat here every day. I know that’s mental, but I really love their food.

— Johnny R., Chicago, IL

Restaurant is very clean, seeing the chefs cook through the window. It has a bit more of a quieter and higher class atmosphere than most Chinese places out there. The servers also have been very polite with me and my company every time I’ve been there.

— J.K., Arlington Hts, IL